At Renewal Church we value…


We love Jesus Christ and believe that He is fully God and fully man. We believe that on the cross Jesus became sin for us, and died in our place.  Jesus was resurrected, ascended into Heaven, and He is our mediator.


We deeply value the baptism of the Holy Spirit for believers.  We believe that the Holy Spirit speaks to us today.  We value and long for supernatural signs according to the bible because this empowers the Church for its mission in the world.


We love the bible and believe that the scriptures of the Old Testament and New Testament are fully inspired by God.  We accept them as the supreme and final authority for faith and life today.  No compromise.  No buts.


We love to pray together as a church family and as individuals.  In prayer we approach God, and we do this by thanking Him, asking for His will to be done in our lives and in our church, and by presenting our needs to Him; for healing, salvation, provision and guidance.  We meet monthly for Breakthrough Prayer and worship together, with expectation that God hears and answers our prayer


We love to worship.  It’s what we were made to do!  In our worship we sing, clap, lift our hands, pray out loud, speak to God… sometimes it’s planned, sometimes it’s spontaneous – but it’s all because we love Him.


We’re not content to just ‘do church’ and have a surface level relationship with God – and it’s not a club either!  Our longing is that everyone is deeply affected by the gospel and has a growing love and affection for Jesus that leads to obedience and acts of faith! Jesus will come back one day and it’s our job to spread the good news!


We love to reach out and gather in, not to form a club or clique, but to spread the amazing news of Jesus (out) and to welcome people by faith into His family (in) where we can live, love, share, and help each other.  We then go back out on mission to spread the amazing news…


We love to give!  We call it ‘tithes’ because, typically, we give 10% of what we have to the work and mission of the church.  But, we love to give more too.  The bible teaches about this, saying that if we give freely we’ll reap bountifully!  It’s both our privilege and responsibility.


We love to share our skills and gifts with each other and we do this by ‘serving’ on a team (worship, kids, setup, small groups, discipleship…).  If you call Renewal Church your home then talk with us about how you can serve alongside us so that we can share the great news of Jesus together.


The bible teaches us that after conversion, an outward sign of this is to be baptised in water.  We do this to publicly demonstrate our commitment as a disciple of Jesus, and that our old live is gone, and our new life has begun with Him.  We also love to celebrate, and remember, the finished work of Jesus on the Cross by taking communion – bread and wine – when we meet together.